Improving the Foster Family Process with Innovative Training Models

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The FOSTERCARE project’s mission is to enhance the quality of care provided to foster children by empowering the professionals who support them. Through targeted training and development initiatives, we strive to elevate the qualifications of those within the foster care community, fostering a culture of excellence and compassion.

Join us in our collective endeavor to create a brighter future for every child in foster care.

Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most. Welcome to our community, where the well-being of every child is our utmost priority.

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Our project focuses on meeting the diverse needs of professionals working with foster families, acknowledging both universal and cultural differences. Through the development of a European Framework of Reference, we promote consistency and quality in care across Europe, fostering collaboration and learning among professionals. Our innovative training content ensures professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to provide holistic care. Utilizing digital platforms, we offer accessible resources and networking opportunities, including a forum for knowledge exchange among foster families, enriching the support system for children in foster care.

Complementary work to this project

This project is dedicated to meeting the needs of its partner organizations, aiming to enhance the quality of their ongoing work. Through its outputs, the project aims to improve the activities of all partners and address any existing shortcomings. Partner examples include IFSS, managing foster family processes and policy development in Türkiye, Bilgi University conducting academic studies, GOI’s “We Care Project” supporting women in the care sector, Istanbul Foster Family Association advocating for children’s rights, SSF’s “PARENTS EDU” providing educational tools for families, Drosostalida’s project creating a toolkit for youth digital influencers, and Promicanje Napretka operating “Progress Centers” for vulnerable individuals.

Value on a European level

This project aims to achieve several objectives, including identifying common challenges and solutions faced by foster families and professionals across Europe. By highlighting these gaps and needs, the project will develop shared strategies to promote consistency in service delivery. Additionally, it will create networking opportunities for professionals and foster families to exchange good practices and foster cross-country learning. Ultimately, the project seeks to enhance service provision, foster cooperation, and create a more inclusive environment for foster families in Europe

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